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These days it seems like everyone wants to move faster and deploy software more frequently.  This is a great goal. The more often you have a software release ,the faster you can deliver code to production to satisfy requirements and fix bugs. Frequent software releases also have ... (more)
Plutora shortlisted for Computing’s 2016 Vendor Excellence Awards in the field of DevOps Solution   19 May 2016 – MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – Plutora was recently placed on the shortlist for Computing’s 2016 Vendor Excellence Awards in the field of DevOps Solution. With a combin... (more)
In an environment where infrastructure is shared across several development teams test environment conflict happens when more than one project needs to use test environment resources at the same time. It can also occur when competing release trains of the same project have overla... (more)
This is the fourth installment in a series on hiring considerations within a modern enterprise software environment. For the third installment, click here.A deployment manager on the largest of projects is a project manager who assumes responsibility for managing deployment pla... (more)
Environment “shortages” always start with a test environment emergency – some unforeseen need for a new environment. Maybe a high-profile project has both an urgent production bug to fix and an unrealistic deadline to meet at the same time. This project’s QA and staging environme... (more)
The list of Fortune 500 companies has been in flux for more than a decade due in large part to an inability for these enterprises to keep up with digital disruption. With more than half of the companies on the Fortune 500 list being replaced since 2000, large enterprises must do ... (more)
Managing software releases across a large enterprise can be costly. Your organization has to employ several release managers and teams of people dedicated to testing and environment management. If you haven’t stepped back and thought about cost over the last several years you mig... (more)
“It is in this context of Development meeting Operations that Release Management becomes significant. It is indeed the lynch pin for a smooth transition of applications from code complete to deployment into live production environments.”Enterprise release management is garnering ... (more)
Everyone has a DevOps initiative – everyone. No matter the size of our clients or prospective customers, the term “DevOps” comes into the conversation whenever we ask someone to describe current initiatives and challenges. Most are trying to transform an existing organization to ... (more)
As release managers and executives, we address release complexity and complex dependencies between releases by combining software releases. If you have 20 groups asking to run independent releases, why not just combine them all into one?   Sure, this results in less overhead for ... (more)
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